Mrs. McGillacuddy's Garden Party

     A Tale of Heroic Proportions!!
     When being nice just isn't enough.
     A new, young adult novel for All ages!

     Mrs. McGillacuddy's Garden Party is a playful tale about a spunky, eleven year-old girl who is diagnosed with leukemia and who shames a miserable, aristocratic neighbor into doing good deeds. Written for mature children and young adults, this inspirational and yet rambunctious, cancer awareness piece is an enjoyable read for anyone of any age.  

      For ages 10+/Middle Grade.

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Forever Ten 
Strength can be found where you least expect it.

      Two children, from two worlds, an ocean apart.

      This is a tale of what might have been for a little boy.

      After his best friend is killed by a drug dealer's stray bullet, a young inner city boy runs away from his crime-ridden neighborhood.  His incredible journey unexpectedly takes him to a place where children are enslaved.
      Along the way, he befriends and helps a young girl who has a horrible secret.  In helping her, he learns that running away is not the answer to solving your problems and discovers that strength can be found where you least expect it. 

      For ages 13+/Young Adult.

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Gone with the Breeze
A True Story about the Spirit of Ontario 1

      All of the tales are not forgotten.
      On June 18, 2004, a glorious and futuristic new vessel, the Spirit of

Ontario 1 (nicknamed "The Breeze") began plying the fresh waters of Lake Ontario in the Great Lakes between the cities of Rochester, New York and Toronto, Canada. 
      After two wild and tumultuous years which saw the coming and going of two different owners, two different management companies, and hundreds of crew members and personnel, the financially troubled service shutdown for good on December 12, 2005.  
      Gone with the Breeze traces the ups and downs of this magnificent high-speed ferry during its two years of operation as seen from the crew.  Despite its financial failure in 2004, rebirth in 2005, and subsequent failure, the vessel was a huge success in the eyes of the riding public.  
       Part history, part tribute to the crew, this reflective and entertaining book provides a humorous and informative behind-the-scenes read.  The epilogue includes the disappointing final days of the service.
       280 pgs, 6x9 soft cover, 8 color and 8 b&w photos.  
For General Audiences.

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Tropical Depression 
A sailor's worst nightmare isn't always a storm.
        A modern day, seagoing, action-romance 

       In Tropical Depression a ship's officer faces a devastating situation at home and attempts to deal with it while at sea.  The backdrop for this tale is entirely accurate and the reader gets a sense of what sea life is like in this hard-to-put-down story set aboard an American-flagged, LNG carrier operating in the Western Pacific.
      196 pgs, 6x9 paperback.  For General Audiences.

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